About Mount Albert

Mount Albert is a friendly village with a population of about thirty five hundred people. A diverse rural district that includes farms, regional forests and conservation areas surround it. Located on the eastern border of East Gwillimbury, it has many wonderful things to offer. A strong community spirit is one of its many positive attributes.

Mount Albert was originally settled as a farming community. As the population in the village increased more homes were needed. Over time, subdivisions were built. Many of the original buildings are still in use today. The first store in Mount Albert was built in 1850 to sell dry goods to the families in the area. As the number of families increased, other businesses opened and the business community flourished. Today there are many businesses and services available in the heart of the village that provide just about anything one could want.

There is a strong volunteer community within Mount Albert. In the village there are a number of clubs and organizations that are active – providing something for all ages. Several of these clubs have been active since the early 1900’s. In particular, our Lions Club hosts the annual Mount Albert Santa Claus Parade, held the first Saturday in December. Along with the Town of East Gwillimbury, the Lions Club Park is home of the Canada Day Fireworks display each year. Families from all over come to see the spectacular show!