Mount Albert Downtown Revitalization Committee Update

September 4, 2018 10:15 am

MAVA AGM June 13, 2018
The Mount Albert Downtown Revitalization Committee has recently gone through an exciting transition with the addition of a number of new members. This Sub-Committee of MAVA was formed following the completion of the Mount Albert Downtown Revitalization Strategy developed by the Town in 2014. The Mission of the Committee is to build a strong and harmonious downtown Mount Albert for residents, businesses and visitors. Some of the initiatives that this Committee are currently working on include:

  • The update of the Downtown Mount Albert Brochure
    • The development of this brochure, which profiles the businesses and amenities in Downtown Mount Albert, was one of the first initiatives that this Committee developed and accomplished about three years ago.
    • The brochure is now ready for a refresh which the committee is currently working on
  • The Mount Albert Clean Up event was organized by the Downtown Revitalization Committee and took place this spring on March 25th. It was a great event and a huge success to see our community and businesses come together to help our downtown go through a bit of a facelift with a good spring cleaning.
    • We are looking into organizing more events like this and are considering helping some of our businesses with some improvements like paining, fixing of planter boxes, and other improvements like that.
    • Through events like this, Committee is looking to bring together our local businesses and community members to invest some time in our beautiful downtown.
  • Another exciting initiative that the Committee is working on is a planter box program for all of our businesses to participate in.
    • Through this program, the Downtown Revitalization Committee will coordinate with interested businesses to organize and set up planters outside their storefront for them. This program will help to reduce the time and cost for each individual business to organize their own decoration seasonal decorations
    • This will create a beautiful, coordinated and inviting look through our downtown business core
    • We will be sharing more information with our businesses soon!
  • The Committee is interested in developing an art feature program for Mount Albert. There are many examples of programs such as this which have been very successful in creating a memorable element to a downtown business community. Some programs used bicycles with planters in their baskets which would be located throughout a downtown area. Another example would be pictures and murals on buildings which have a consistent theme. The committee is currently deciding on an art feature that would be best for Mount Albert .
  • There are plans for the improvement of the Main & Centre Sts. Intersection hopefully to be executed before the end of summer 2018.

These are some of the exciting projects that the Mount Albert Downtown Revitalization Committee have been working on. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee or if you would like to help volunteer for some of our events and activities, please let us know and we will add you to a volunteer contact list we are developing.
The sub committee members are Lisa Shanof, Susan Lahey, Ian Bowie, Michael Ramzy, Michael Mendes, Ian Meddings, Janet Wheeler and Aimee Artinian as the Town liaizon.