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Summer Fun Trivia Event
Week 2 of 8

Mt Albert Trivia – How much you know about the town you live in?

Complete all three activities with correct answers by June 28, 2020 to earn points. The points for MAVA members will go toward prizes. It’s easy to join MAVA…only $10 a year for a household. Join us…

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Walking About Town

  1. How many bridges are in town? They can be for cars or walking bridges for people…What was the most recent bridge that was built?
  2. Where is the pioneer cemetery? Find the name of the youngest and oldest person there.
  3. What used to be where DUCA is now? How long was it there?
  4. Where was the school?

A Little More History

  1. Where did the doctor’s office used to be?
  2. Where is the bell from in the garden at Centre St and Mt Albert Road?
  3. Where did the library used to be?

Actually There’s A Lot Of History Here

  1. Was there a hotel in town? What was it called and where was it?
  2. Was there a dairy in town? What was it called and where was it?
  3. How long have we had a car wash?
  4. How long has Sports Day been happening here in town? Why did it start?